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With G12 enemies it would've a harder battle but doable. You raise an interesting point. I ran over a Bastila team that had three zetas (Bastila, GMY, HYoda) with my JTR arena team. musikan. In this video we go over EIGHT teams that can deal with Bastila with no issue at all! What is a hoard account? A hoard account is a Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes account that has been saving hoarding resources energy, gears, currencies, ability mats, mod slice parts, credits, etc. Provided by Alexa ranking, swgoh. If you can help with providing web hosting, preferably a dedicated server, please contact me here. swgoh. Download Enfy Nest Vs Ewoks Swgoh Grand Arena mp3 dan video klip Mp4 di situs remix. gg reaches roughly 3,222 users per day and delivers about 96,646 users each month. The domain swgoh. A solid Jedi team should have no difficulty clearing 6/6 waves across all phases. Rey (Scavenger) For Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Bastila build". Dispel buffs w/ Ahsoka's basic and be careful for counters from Bastila's BM or if GMY  Bastila Shan (Fallen). Until now 2018 was a long and boring year, and the recent additions are not showing improvements. Reward: Jedi Knight Revan - SWGOH Events displays the next event date with relevant information about the event. Counter teams against: SWGOH. Tracking dev replies from multiple sources, all in one place. 42. JTR happens to have an ability to call BB-8 to attack and with expose on the board, the damage is massive. gg reaches roughly 456 users per day and delivers about 13,673 users each month. Commander Luke Skywalker, Jedi Training Rey, Chewbacca, Thrawn, Yoda, and more. Legendary Battle Meditation: +50% Potency and +35% counter chance (doubled for Jedi). Jedi (Bastila L). Jedi (Bastila) Strong Counter Best counter esp. Bastila Shan. Gilden Homepage der FFM - Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes 6 Jan 2019 I am still running Palp's Sith nightmare (zzPalp, zVader U, zzThrawn, zSion, Nihilus) in arena, can get top 100-200 daily. . Jolee usually gets one resurrection off before he dies but it won’t matter as GMY can be take out quickly on the revive and that just boosts ventress offense more. Additionally, her synergies with both the Jedi and Old Republic factions benefit several themes. Rebels (CLS Quad). It has grown too popular and creates too much load for this type of server. I just finished a fight with my Night Sisters against Bastila, GMY, Ezra, Old Ben and CLS, I could not apply plague to any Jedi, even though the battle was very easy. Be the first to get all the latest on EA Star Wars™ games, including Star Wars™ Galaxy of Heroes, as well as other EA games, news, and events. Active SWGOH guild, Heroic Rancor/HAAT. She can not survive Talzin multi attack and Ventress unbuffed everybody. All Rebel allies receive a 50% chance to counter when hit, as well as a 50% defense bonus. On auto. LIFE is not affiliated with EA, EA Capital Games, Disney or Lucasfilm LTD. During her time with the Jedi Order, she was found to have a special ability called battle meditation, which increases the morale of her allies while demoralizing her enemies. I suppose in this instance it's a bit fickle, since really it just depends on who is on offense. Реван против Малака. All required gear has been broken down into its farmable components and the cheapest location has been listed. I'll give my thoughts on this using Revan as turning point. domain. Power 30132 · Health  5 Apr 2019 SWGoH, MSF & TFEW Tips, Strategy & More . His zeta adds an 80% counter chance and the ability to call a resistance ally to assist when he attacks out of turn. gg. Similarly, they also obtain a 15% damage boost. Counter teams against: Bastila Shan (Fallen) Display mode: Detailed enemy teams | Counter teams summary. I'd say if they count bastila a hard counter to NS [which as a bastila user I've never lost to any NS team in top 10 of arena], they should also count Traya as a hard counter to NS. The 'fun' part will be in TW, when there is a limited supply of JTRs and a Bastila wall. against Jango lead BH No debuffs can stick ( counter to Jango), kill Boba first, Nest could be  5v5 Counters. If Bastila's leader is another Sith, whenever an enemy is inflicted with Deathmark, Fear, Marked, or Shock, they both gain 5% Offense (stacking up to 100%) for the rest of battle. The latest Tweets from @swgoh_SWF (@swforceguild). Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Events. net. Legendary Battle Meditation can't be dispelled. during months and playing heroic T7 raids to unlock Han. Doesn’t seem to matter what Jedi are supporting Bastila, the NS handily wipe them out without issue. Every time an enemy resists a negative effect, all Rebel allies recover 5% of their turn gauge. Bastila and the character in the leader slot have +50% Defense, Potency, and Tenacity and gain Foresight for 1 turn at the start of battle. You must sign up for the STAR WARS Rule 34, if it exists there is porn of it. Born on the planet Talravin to Helena Shan and a treasure hunter, her mother gave her up to the Jedi Order, believing that their lifestyle of travel and exertions was not suitable for her daughter. There are lots of zBastila Jedi, a few   Strong Counter. gg has ranked N/A in N/A and 972,451 on the world. BB-8 is a key character who works remarkably well with Jedi Training Rey. Click on a counter team to see more info. It was a 140 position battle but I got the feeling that at any position it will happen with a 4* Bastila. 24. against Jango lead BH No debuffs can stick (counter to Jango), kill Boba first, Nest could be tricky (kill her last), Boba and Jango will revive Rebels (CLS) Strong Counter With Chewbacca focus the main threat: Boba, need guard mods on cls, fast Chirrut to apply tenacity up asap At the start of Bastila's turn, she recovers 2% Protection for each buff she has and all other allies gain 3% Turn Meter (doubled for Jedi) and Legendary Battle Meditation for 1 turn. gg uses a Commercial suffix and it's server(s) are located in N/A with the IP number 104. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben) Princess Leia. Rey (Scavenger) Guild Store Provided by Alexa ranking, swgoh. Totals for each level assume a 22% drop rate on gear and that you spend all of your energy each day on farming that gear. Does anyone know what is the best NS team to beat Bastila in 3v3? Can they even win? I suspect my next opponent will set his Bastila on  Lost Anakin (g12+1) to a counter from Ezra, and almost lost Ahsoka (g11). Counter team A counter team reference guide for the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - bobbybaxter/swgoh-counters But that doesn't mean she's not fierce—Bastila removes enemy buffs and ally debuffs as she grants her companions the unique "Legendary Battle Mediation" status, increasing both their counter chance and potency. That's the only one I've fought so far, but if it's representative of most Bastila teams then I think JTR should suit most people's needs. SWGOH GA – 3 vs 3. What is a hoard account? A hoard account is a Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes account that has been saving hoarding resources energy, gears, currencies, ability mats, mod slice parts, credits, etc. 180 and it is a . How to Beat Bastila in the Star Forge in "KOTOR" By Megan Koos ; Updated September 15, 2017 You will eventually need to face Bastila on the Star Forge if you play a Light Side Jedi (or a Dark Side Jedi that did not side with Bastila after the fight at the temple) in "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" (KOTOR). CLS and Mother Talzin are this teams biggest counters so make sure to save these teams for that . UK Swgoh. Bastila is an excellent leader and a force to be reckoned with when paired with Jedi troops. Bastila Shan (Fallen) 5* VS JK REVAN Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Count Dooku Граф Дуку, Aayla secura Айла Сакура, Darth Sidious!Top team Download Lagu nute gunray and geonosians extortion mayhem counters nest bastila and more swgoh Mp3 , Lagu ini diunggah juga diunggah di youtube oleh AhnaldT101 pada 31 May 2019, Free Download Lagu Nute gunray and geonosians extortion mayhem counters nest bastila and more swgoh Mp3, Lagu Nute Gunray and Geonosians Extortion Mayhem! With Bastila making the Jedi amazing, lots of questions have been asked as to how to beat her without the use of Darth Traya. Legend of the Old Republic. z Bastila Shan G12 / z Ezra Bridger G12 / Plo Koon G11 Very easy battle, all full health and protection. Find the next event dates, history, tips & tricks, & rumors in EA's Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mobile game. When possible, do not waste and credits, shards, or time on these losers. 18. Bounty Hunters (Bossk L ). Best counter esp. gg has ranked N/A in N/A and 6,767,575 on the world. I am sorry, this website will be switched off today. (F2P) Best Counter to Hans Millennium Falcon - Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Clones (Shaak Ti L). Dark Side · Support Disciplined Separatist Attacker with high damage, counter attacks, and debuff capabilities. Rex, Ewoks, and Bastila Shan are the main teams to take these guys out. Bastila Shan was a Human female who served as a Jedi Padawan during the Jedi Civil War. Take GMY first if possible, then Jolee or GK if you can’t get around his taunt. Updates to our Territory Wars offensive counters page are in the works Countering the Popular Teams A big part of the Offense Phase is picking the right tools Updates to our Territory Wars offensive counters page are in the works Countering the Popular Teams A big part of the Offense Phase is picking the right tools Lore. Resistance (JTR L). I used to run a Qui-Gon Jinn team back when TB first arrived and quickly dropped it due to all the assist and bonus attacks rendering Foresight useless. SWGOH's game design is going in the wrong direction. New members welcome but must have Discord. Posts from the developers of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Oct 26, 2017 · SWGOH entails making choices with limited resources, and while you would logically start with the best Jedi, I think it's best to start by staying away from the worst Jedi. Bastila Shan was born on the planet Talravin, and was given to the Jedi Order by her mother. You must sign in and sign up for STAR WARS Battlefront 2 and EA emails before you can redeem your [IN-GAME ITEM]. Bastila’s constant buffs and GMY spreading them further is a great counter to those Snowtrooper Ops problems. SWGOH TW/GA – 5 vs 5. swgoh bastila counter